Plans for an action filled day

A different kind of excursion for your mood or whatever takes your fancy.

This is easy-peasy! A stroll on the same level along the entire bay of Gorliz until you reach the statue of Dr Areilza, driving force behind the sanatorium that can be spotted along the way, with a break for a snack while drinking in the views.

Eup!!! Route to the highest lighthouse in the Cantabrian region to contemplate the steep Basque coastline and discover the coastal anti-aircraft posts and bunkers dating back to the 1940s.

Gorliz is a Nordic Walking Centre with 5 routes mapped out for you to enjoy this sport. Pick up your sticks at the Tourist Office and start walking.



The beach is protected by the bay in the shape of a sea shell, and is one of the safest and most spectacular on the Basque coastline.

A place to relax and practise all kinds of water sports, not to mention there’s a pinewoods surrounding it, making it ideal for a lovely barbecue or relaxing in the shade.



Enjoy our safe 4 km track along the beach.
The Town Hall of Gorliz provides, to local residents and visitors, a bicycle rental service, to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Riding along the seashore feeling the breeze on the face, makes the exercise become, leisure time.
The cycle path is closed to traffic so ride conditions are 100% secure.

Rent a bike

Bike lane and rental points




Walk with a gentle effective gait using two special sticks and enjoy a pleasant exercise.

Nordic Walking involves moving your legs and upper body in a gentle movement to improve muscle strength, cardiovascular system, co-ordination and mobility.

Pick up your free sticks at the Gorliz Tourist Office and enjoy 5 routes in the area.

NW Routes in Gorliz
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Using canoes or Big Sup boards we will paddle to the Smugglers’ Cove, a magical place surrounded by cliffs where we can snorkel in crystalline waters to observe the seabed and different species of the Cantabrian Sea.

The hues of the water will transport us to paradise destinations right next to our base in Gorliz. Once we’ve finished snorkelling, we’ll paddle back to base by canoe or the Big Sup.

Troka Abentura



With a kayak and/or Big Sup board we will paddle along the mysterious route that elvers do after their sea jorney. We will travel along RIver Butron as the monitors show us all the best spots.

A great experience to connect with the nature, suitable for everyone over the age of 13, where tides will help us navigate and fully enjoy local flora and fauna . River Butron finally flows into Gorliz beach where its waters meet the sea.

Troka Abentura



Besides, in the summer season a water park is installed in Astondo. This inflatable playground that floats in the water will make summer days even more fun. It is suitable for adults and children.

Come and splash!

New Diversion Park



Enjoy your first surf experience and feel an special connection with the acuatic environment. This activity is suitable for all ages

With the support of an experience team you will have plenty of fun, Gorliz Beach is perfect for that first experience.

Troka Abentura

Bigui Surf

Uribe Kosta Surf eskola

Cabo Billano

Aloka Surf





SUP, also known as paddleboarding or paddle surf, is a water sport that is on everyone’s lips. It consists on standing up on a board and sailing through the sea or river helped by a paddle. You can both sail under the guidance of an expert instructor o by yourself. This activity will make you work all the muscles in your body while having fun and relaxing yourself.

Bigui Surf

Uribe Kosta Surf eskola

Cabo Billano

Aloka Surf




Near the beach you’ll find the Cantabrian Pinewoods where you can spend a pleasant day using its amenities and barbecue sites.

At the entrance to this place of relaxation there is a recreation area with swings for the little ones to have fun while their parents enjoy the sea breeze.

Discover all the playgrounds in Gorliz



The entire town, summer dwellers and visitors dive head first into the celebrations which include: gastronomic competitions, traditional dances, and concerts to live the festivities 24 hours a day.

The festivities are an excellent opportunity to learn about Basque culture and traditions. No doubt you will find out what a ‘Gau Pasa’ is. And then, why not learn to dance a Jota?

Additional information 



Gorliz’s lighthouse is the town’s flagship. It was built on the cliffs, at 165 metres above sea level, in 1990. This 21 metre tower finished with a glass lantern is the tallest lighthouse in the Cantabrian region.

A path leads you to the lighthouse from where you can enjoy magnificent views of the sea.



Going down by the path next to the lighthouse you will notice the entire slope is perforated by 3 old coastal bunkers connected to each other and installed during the 1940s, but which were never used.

From the last platform you can see the remains of a heavy cannon. It’s worth having a wander round and taking some photos.



Andra Mari Festival

Today Andra Mari festivities begin in Andra Mari neighbourhood. People gather there to enjoy the txupinazo, a rocket that announces the beginning of the festival. Right after the txupinazo is shot bouncy castles for kids are opened and a musical parade starts along the streets of the neighbourhood. Key events in this festivity are traditional … Continued

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Gorliz Summer Plans

Our brochure with activities and plans for summer 2018 is here! Check it out and find information about guided tours, sport activities and many other interesting things. Click here to download our brochure and inmerse yourself into the amazing leisure possibilities Gorliz has to offer!

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Fiestas de Santiago 2018

SANTIAGO FESTIVAL   It is always difficult to maintain a good balance between the new and the old, but Gorliz patronal feasts have proved to be a good example of a successful combination of them both. In fact , Santiago Festival celebrations, the most popular in Gorliz, combine traditional activities such as masses in honour … Continued

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Dastatuarte 2018

DastatuArte July 6, 7 and 8 We are happy to present you the first edition of Dastatuarte. This event will be held on 6, 7 and 8 July, offering plenty of workshops and performances for children and adults to enjoy. Dastatuarte resulted from the union of two events previously organised in Gorliz: Dastatu and Umore … Continued

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CAS: ¡Buenos días! Hoy tenemos un tiempo buenísimo, una oportunidad perfecta para dar un paseo. Además, podemos hacer amigos por el camino.
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Es: los atardeceres más coloridos en Gorliz
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CAS: ¿En honor a quién se hizo la estatua que está mirando al hospital?
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¡ B U E N O S D Í A S !
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